Prima also offers other types of equipment and machinery in the food processing industry covering a vast range of functions. The list is plentiful from pepper corers to grilling machines. Conveyor belts and elevators can also be supplied custom built to suit the needs of the customer’s factory layout and space restrictions.

Smaller pieces of equipment can also be supplied such as preparation tables etc. If you require further information on any of the machines seen here or are looking for something specific then a member of Prima’s team will be available to assist. Click on the Contact Us page to view your preferred method of contact.

Air Drying TunnelPepper CorerCarrot Top and TailCookerGrilling Machine

Grilled Vegetables

Another area which our machines excel in is grilling vegetables. This machine uses gas to quickly and efficiently grill vegetables at high temperature. This makes a healthy product with beautiful grill taste, not steamed.